Companies and institutions:

  • we organize coaching schools in the same program scheme as our coaching schools, we also provide shortened training programs preparing participants for working as trainers;
  • we help building training projects;
  • we consult and prepare internal coaches by supervising their activities.

Our experience allows us to create programs meeting the internal trainers’ expectations at various levels of progress.

We have been running coaching schools for over 15 years:

  • All schools are based on the proprietary programs, concerning both the work of a coach and its competencies as well as how to build training programs.
  • Programs have been created on the basis of a long-term experience of the coach work and teaching adults by trainers and training supervisors.
  • Within our school program we convey our philosophy of trainings and we also provide useful tools as well as we teach indispensable skills of the trainer’s job such as, among other issues, teaching based on experience, learning on a group functioning, reacting in difficult situations, and working out training programs tailored to the recipient.

Our coaching Staff are recommended by Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologiczne (Polish Psychological Association), schools are accredited by Kuratorium Oświaty (the Board of Education) for continuing education in non - school forms.

  • The Business Coaching School is dedicated to business coaches: internal trainers, managers, product trainers, trainers working in training companies or freelance trainers.
  • The School of Training and Psychological Workshop prepares for trainings with the use of active methods, including trainings for educational institutions, NGO’s, learning providers and business.