Coaching is a form of conversation where the coach, through an in-depth contact and relevant questions, does not impose his or her own opinions and solutions but tries to help discover participants’ own potential and apply their own approach or solution in problematic situations.

Our coaches are the supervisors of psychotherapy and a group training of Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologiczne [Polish Psychological Association]. They work both in area of life-coaching and area of business executive coaching. We organize individual coaching but we also train managers on working with their subordinates:

  • Individual coaching: we apply our own cascading method, i.e. combination of coaching with elements of individual skills trainings. Our offer is directed mainly to management and senior managers.
  • Coaching as a tool for employee development – learning the coaching towards subordinates: we train according to a proprietary idea of the so-called coaching based on feedback that uses elements of assertiveness, counselling, methods of a reflective contact as well as idea of focusing on solutions. The proprietary is also the way the training is conducted: based on individual talks and monitoring the process of implementing the developmental activities towards subordinates.

Managerial coaching based on feedback is used during talks assessing employees, employee development, difficult situations concerning employees, in situations of educating employees, problems connected with independently solving problems but also during monitoring the individual employee projects.