Our Staff are mostly licensed trainers and supervisors of Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologiczne (the Polish Psychological Association)with an extensive experience in working for business. All our trainers graduated from psychological studies and some of them work also as therapists.

We have elaborated our own training standards, we ensure that created by us way of training is coherent, therefore our trainers have graduated from coaching schools provided by the Centre and some teach there. Moreover, our trainers are regularly supervised in order to keep the high quality of service we provide.

Our trainers specialise in:

  • workshops based on developmental group process such as personal training or solving difficult psychological situations in a team (conflicts, crises, integrating the team by means of mutual feedback);
  • workshops concerning changes in an individual development – working with emotions, stress, internal potentials, internal blocks;
  • individual coaching as well as in training coaching to managers towards subordinates;
  • mentoring;
  • creating training programs;
  • training the trainers
  • carrying out coach supervision;
  • e-learning activities;
  • building and managing large training projects (European Union projects, long-term activities for companies);
  • business consultancy for companies (HR Consulting) in area of preparing appropriate training projects;
  • carrying out research (monitoring changes, training effectiveness check).