We assume that a company works well if it provides employees with opportunities to develop their potential and build proper interpersonal relationships. Many years of experience prove that such an approach significantly contributes to an increase of efficiency of the individual and thus to the whole organization.

Both knowledge and many years of experience of our trainers and supervisors in psychology, psychotherapy and psychological training give a strong foundation for effective work on behaviour changes. We know how to change behaviours in personal, interpersonal as well as professional area into more effective ones. The foundation allowed us to create proprietary training programs specifically targeted at the business environment.

We not only provide soft skills trainings, individual coaching but we train, supervise internal trainers, and we are diagnosticians and consultants as well.


  • We base our approach on the values of humanistic psychology:
  • In our trainings, we attach a great importance to a respectful, authentic, accepting, and emphatic contact as we believe that establishing a respectful, amiable and trustful contact with people is one of the most valuable ways of supporting personal development.
  • We focus ourselves on participants’ potential and strengths. Such approach creates atmosphere of mutual trust and openness, which substantially increases participants’ involvement in the workshop and thus contributes to an effective learning, using the workshop’s contents in everyday life, and supports constructive changes in behaviour.
  • We put a great emphasis on education by means of participants’ personal experience:
  • The basic assumption of our training methods is an active work with the group with a great majority of practice than theory, which gives a possibility of a direct contact between the trainer and the participants, and it enables an interpersonal exchange between the participants.
  • Our trainings are a series of experiences: we aim at building various experiences around certain content so that the effect of acquiring knowledge and skills is possibly permanent. We believe that significant changes are triggered by experiencing personally the following: new constructive ways of behaviour, emotions, or bodily sensations. The more relevant the experience is, the more relevant the content becomes.
  • We also teach basing on the potential of past experiences, reflecting on and discussing the real-life situations that participants want to work on during the workshop.
  • We are experts in making use of natural processes in the group:
  • Our programs are created with a view on how the group process is evolving.
  • Practice of our trainers and understanding of the psychological processes taking place during the training experiences allow them to use the group dynamics to facilitate teamwork and interpersonal work in the group.